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My heart


 Can‘t take my eyes off his eyebrows

Dear lord.

Because Kim Tan loves to hug Cha Eun Sang when he’s behind her.


10 GIFS of Kim Woo Bin smiling that will make your heart melt on We Heart It.


i  s o l e m n l y  s w e a r  t h a t  i  a m  u p  t o  n o  g o o d

                                                             p ǝ ƃ ɐ u ɐ ɯ  ɟ ǝ ı ɥ ɔ s ı ɯ



All lost in a book.  Another image that will never make it into the mainstream media.

always reblog

“What’s so hard about love? You simply grab the other’s hand and refuse to let go.”

- Lee Min Ho (Jun Pyo), Boys Over Flowers (kdrama)

The fact that Korean dramas are so readily available in HD hurts my soul, and grades.

Korean dramas will be the end of me.



No but can you just imagine Mrs Weasley getting to the magical afterlife one day and the first thing she sees is a girl with red hair sprinting towards her.

For a fleeting moment she thinks it’s Ginny, but as the girl comes closer she recognises the kind smile and the emerald eyes that are shining with tears. It’s Lily Potter.

Lily pulls Mrs Weasley into a tight hug and can only whisper three words before dissolving into tears.

"Thank you, Molly."